Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010

Tressa - silver dial (sold)

a brief history of tressa
The Tressa Watch Co. was located on Rue de la Gare 14 2502 Biel/Bienne (Kanton Bern, Switzerland) and existed from 25.04.1966 up to 04.03.1987. The company went bankrupt under a judgement of 09.12.1986 and was wound-up on 04.03.1987 for being in default to its creditors. On the 02.05.2002, the liquidation became final and was deleted from the Commercial Registry of Switzerland. The assets of the company were bought by Rado Watch Co. Ltd. Purpose of business had been production and wholesaling of watches, movements and accessories, they had a basic capital of 500.000 CHF, so they hadn´t been a giant in swiss watch production.

Tressa - swiss made ini mempunyai bentuk case menarik mirip rado diastar, dial berwarna silver dengan index balok 3 dimensi terihat sangat menarik, hands second berwarna merah kontras dengan dialnya, automatic movement berjalan lancar, dipadu dengan mesh bracelet terlihat serasi, (Sold-thanks)

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